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Hyku Cookbook: Type of Honoree

Type of honoree

This field is mandatory if available for the International Honor Quilt Collection only.

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Repeatable No
Hyku term type_of_honoree

Search Yes
Hide No
Vocabulary Yes

One of six categories of entities honored through the creation of a quilt panel.

  1. Individual – a named individual person (ex: Judy Chicago; Stella Martel)
  2. More than one individual – specifically identified people (ex: Edda, Lavinia, and Marianne Warth)
  3. Organization – a registered or established organization (ex: League of Women Voters; Denwar Craft Fellowship; Sarah's Inn)
  4. Group/Theme – connected by a shared activity, interest, or quality (ex: Lithuanian women; 1983 girl graduates of Dr. E.P. Scarlett; women cooks; midwives)
  5. Religious/fictional/mythological – a character from religious text, mythology, or fiction (ex: Eve; Isis; Nancy Drew)
  6. Place – a city or region (ex: Cleveland Heights; Keota; Murray River region)
Examples Individual

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