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Hyku Cookbook: Operating Area

Recipes for metadata entry for UofL Digital Collections

Operating area

This field is recommended if available for Howard Steamboat Museum images. 

sample of elements that show on each field page

Yes. Enter each operating area in the same field, separated by a semicolon and a space.

Hyku term operating_area
Search Yes
Hide No
Vocabulary Yes
Definition Describes the areas where the steamboat operated.

Sue Finley researched this in published sources:

  • Way, Frederick. Way’s Packet Directory, 1848-1994: Passenger Steamboats of the Mississippi River System Since the Advent of Photography in Mid-continent America, Athens, Ohio: Ohio University, 1994.
  • Way, Frederick. Way’s Steam Towboat Directory. Athens, Ohio: Ohio University, c. 1990.
  • Fishbaugh, Charles Preston, From Paddle Wheels to Propellers: the Howard Ship Yards of Jeffersonville in the Story of Steam navigation on the Western Rivers. Indianapolis, Indiana: Indiana Historical Society, 1970.

Use the correct form of the place name when available in Library of Congress Authorities.


Mississippi River; New Orleans (La.); Lake Providence (La.)

Black Warrior River (Ala.)