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Hyku Cookbook: Introduction

Recipes for metadata entry for UofL Digital Collections


This document is intended as a guide to data entry and descriptive cataloging for University of Louisville (UofL) digital collections in Hyku. It will be updated as necessary to accommodate modifications in the software and/or metadata schema.

Collections may be categorized as Art, Image, or Text work types. The Collection work type relates items to their parent collection.

  • Art work types include additional fields, often drawn from the VRA Core data standard for the description of works of visual culture, that accommodate art-specific concepts such as style, material, and technique.
  • Image work types make up the majority of our digital collections and allow for granular location search for Louisville images.
  • Text work types include publication information such as volume and issue, as well as full-text search capabilities.

Migrating our digital collections from CONTENTdm into Hyku required us to remap existing fields to predicates from heterogeneous schema. We also modified some of the field labels to make more sense to the end-user, and put the fields in an order—reflected in the order of this document—that highlighted the descriptive metadata at the top of the record and relegated the more administrative and technical information to the bottom.

Each field includes the following information:

Field Name [the UofL preferred order and label for the field]

A statement about whether the field is mandatory, mandatory if applicable, recommended, or optional.

sample of elements that show on each field page
Repeatable Information about entering multiple values, if applicable.
Hyku term Form in which field appears in the back end of Hyku.
Mapping Predicate to which field is mapped in Hyku.
Search Decision of whether or not to make the field searchable.
Hide Hidden fields will not appear in the Hyku record.
Vocabulary Controlled vocabulary to use in this field.
Definition Explanation of the field's scope and content.
Usage Tips for entering data into this field.
Examples Sample data that would be acceptable in this field.