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Hyku Cookbook: People Represented

Recipes for metadata entry for UofL Digital Collections

People represented

This field is mandatory if available. If individuals are not pictured or named, leave the field blank.

sample of elements that show on each field page

Yes. Enter each name in the same field, separated by a semicolon and a space.

See subject for subjects that are not personal names.
Hyku term people_represented
Mapping foaf:name
Search Yes
Hide No
Vocabulary Yes
Definition Names of people pictured in the image.

Separate multiple entries by a semicolon and a space.

Do not use "Unknown"—just leave the field blank.

Use the correct form of the name when available in Library of Congress Authorities. Refer to the list of names already used.

If an authoritative version of a name is not available, create one:

  • Invert personal names (as much as is known of Last name, First name, Middle name or initial, Date(s)).
  • If use of first and middle initials is required, leave a space between them (e.g. Abernathy, H. N.)
  • Enter corporate names in full, direct form.
  • Do not use honorifics, titles, or nicknames unless it is necessary to disambiguate (e.g., the first name of the person is unknown). Otherwise, these alternate forms of names (such as “Buddy” Jones; Reverend Murrell; Dr. Reed) may be used in the description field but not as the authoritative version in this or the creator or contributor fields.
  • Where women are identified only as “Mrs.” or by their husband’s name (e.g., “Mrs. John Smith”) conduct reasonable research in city directories, Ancestry, and similar resources to identify the woman’s first name and add it to applicable field(s). If it is not possible to readily identify the woman’s first name, note this in the description.

Leonardo, da Vinci, 1452-1519

Burgess, Mae; Ethier, Alphonse, 1874-1943

Morgan, Barbara Brooks, 1900-1992