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Hyku Cookbook: Decade

Recipes for metadata entry for UofL Digital Collections


This field is recommended if available and if ascertainable within a maximum of 30 years (3 decades).

sample of elements that show on each field page
Repeatable Yes. Enter each decade in the same field, separated by a comma and a space.
Hyku term decade
Search Yes
Hide No
Vocabulary No, but maintain internal consistency.
Definition The time period in which the original image was created.

This field may be used to populate a timeline. It accommodates a certain amount of uncertainty, which is why we recommend using it in conjunction with our often-inexact Date original, but too much uncertainty (say, more than a three-decade span of time) will not make it very useful on a timeline either.

Enter the decade as YY[Tens digit]0s. 

Do not use an apostrophe between the 0 and the s.

Do not use “Unknown”—just leave the field blank.



1910s; 1920s; 1930s