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Hyku Cookbook: Production

Recipes for metadata entry for UofL Digital Collections


This field is recommended if applicable for Macauley’s Theatre Collection images.

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Repeatable No
Hyku term production
Search Ni
Hide No
Vocabulary No
Definition The series of performances of a particular play, with the same director, group of actors, and at the same location.

Enter as much as is known of the Macauley’s Theatre production in the order of play title, date(s).

Separate play and date(s) with a comma.

Enter dates in WC3 format (as much as is known of YYYY-MM-DD). Separate dates in a date range by space, -, space.

Invert prepositions when they appear in titles.


Checkers, 1908-01-06 - 1908-01-08

Lion and the Mouse, The, 1907-02-25 - 1907-03-02