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Hyku Cookbook: Source

Recipes for metadata entry for UofL Digital Collections


This field is mandatory if applicable. It does not apply to born-digital materials.

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Repeatable Yes
Hyku term source
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Vocabulary No
Definition When applicable, use the source element to cite any other resource from which the digital resource was derived, either in whole or in part.

A free-text account of the source of the original item, including physical format, collection name, and repository.

When available, include the dimensions of the original item. Preferred format for graphic materials is height x width, with the unit of measure in centimeters (denoted “cm.”). However, since the size of some photographic materials is standardized in the trade in inches (“8 x 10 in.”) or millimeters (“35 mm.”), the standard size may be given in these cases.

If an earlier version of the resource (e.g. sheet music) had been published, cite original publisher here. Include ISBN or any other original information as appropriate.

Clarify the nature of the relationship between two resources by using an initial phrase such as "Originally published as:" or "Original format:".

A born-digital resource derives from no pre-existing resource, so the source element would not be used.


33 cm. perfect bound artist's book + 1 vinyl audio disc; Artists' Book Collection, University of Louisville Margaret M. Bridwell Art Library.

3 x 5 in. color lithographic postcard. Item no. ULUA 2006_003_008_025 in the Newton Owen Postcard Collection, University of Louisville Archives and Records Center.

8 x 10 in. b&w nitrate negative. Item no. ULPA 1979_033_0120 in the Jean Thomas, The Traipsin' Woman, Collection, University of Louisville Photographic Archives.

11 x 8 in. b & w printed employee magazine with a color cover. Vol. 1, no. 3 in the Louisville and Nashville Company Records Collection, University of Louisville Archives and Records Center.

8.5 x 11 in. newsletters distributed by the University of Louisville School of Law. Originals found in the University of Louisville Law Library.