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Hyku Cookbook: Item Number

Recipes for metadata entry for UofL Digital Collections

Item number

This is a mandatory field. Every record must include a unique identifier for the digital object.

sample of elements that show on each field page
Repeatable No
Hyku term source_identifier
Search Yes
Hide No
Vocabulary No
Definition A character string or record number that clearly and uniquely identifies a digital object or resource. This element ensures that individual digital objects can be accessed, managed, stored, recalled, and used reliably.

Preface numbers with the 4-digit code identifying the UL unit.

  • ULAL = Margaret M. Bridwell Art Library
  • ULHL = Kornhauser Health Sciences Library
  • ULML = Dwight Anderson Memorial Music Library
  • ULPA = Photographic Archives
  • ULRB = Rare Books
  • ULUA = University Archives and Records Center
Examples (Art Work Type)

ULRB 2006_mss_03
ULPA 1977_033_0017

Examples (Image Work Type)

ULUA 1987_005_7_9_7
ULPA 1979_033_0017

Examples (Text Work Type)

ULHL KSM 1900 Catalog
ULAL Y01N4-AmerIndianArt
ULUA Thoroughbred 1951