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Hyku Cookbook: Searchable Text

Recipes for metadata entry for UofL Digital Collections

Searchable text

This field is recommended if applicable. It may be generated by automated OCR upon ingest, but should be editable.

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Hyku term searchable_text
Search Yes
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Vocabulary No
Definition Words on the scanned page, made discoverable via search.

Use Optimal Character Recognition (OCR) software to create an automated approximation of the text on the page. For handwritten texts, particularly low-quality OCR, and/or high-value texts, consider transcribing the words.


CITY PLANNING to many people is a hazy and academic
field. But traffic deaths and slums are far from academic and city
planning offers the only answer to these problems that is anything
but a stopgap. In Louisville the acuteness of parking problems,
the arguments over the Veterans Hospital, the court fights over
annexation, all show how pressing and practical a question is involved.
This exhibit opens with a detailed survey of existing conditions.
The city's outside communications in AIRWAYS and its geographical relation to nearby population concentrations (see PEOPLE)
are favorable. Within the city itself, though, many bad conditions
appear. These are largely due to the fact that each civic need has
been met separately without any thought of its relation to others or
the best interests of the whole city, or any long term view of future
SCHOOLS, apart from any other deficiencies, show up on the
map to be poorly located for present densities of population. Causes
of the traffic, parking and accident problems appear from the map
of most travelled STREETS. They are often narrow and cut
across residential areas. RAILROADS also, as is well known, cut
through the city, leaving smoke, devaluating residential areas,
hampering street traffic and demanding expensive grade crossings.
The map of WORK, showing factory, house and park areas, sums
up all these factors in summary. Commerce and industry interlock
confusedly with homes. As a result industry turns homes into slums,
and homes inconvenience commerce.