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History of the Cardinal Bird: Cardinal Bird Head, 1985-present

Cardinal Bird Head Logo

Around 1985, the Cardinal Bird's head began to be used as a logo on its own.


Cardinal Bird head logo, 1985Initially, the head mirrored the head on the "full" mascot. 



 The image on the left is from the 1985 basketball media guide. For comparison, the image below is from the program for the UofL-Southern Mississippi basketball game, February 24, 1988.Cardinal Bird mascot, 1988


In 2000, the university announced "enhanced athletic marks."  

Cardinal Bird head logo, black and white, 2000The black lining around his beak and eye was streamlined and his head feathers took on a more aerodynamic appearance. The shape of his beak was also modified slightly. 

An alternate version, with a wing, was included in the new trademarked logos. 
Cardinal Bird head logo with wing, 2001

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