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History of the Cardinal Bird: 1978-present

Cardinal Bird, 1978-present

Around 1978, a new version of the Cardinal Bird appeared. This bird was sometimes barefoot, and sometimes dressed for football or basketball. While the "head" logo has surpassed him as the official logo, he is still a fan favorite. 

1978 Cardinal Bird Logo

Cardinal Bird mascot, 1979











The first sighting of the barefoot Cardinal Bird dates to 1978. 

The beak is more stylized, as are the head feathers and the coloration around his eye. 

Cardinal Bird, 1978, Ready for Football

Cardinal Bird with football, no shoes, 1978











This version, posed with a football, appears in the program for UofL's football game against South Dakota State, September 9, 1978.  

Cardinal Bird, 1981, with his cleats

Cardinal Bird logo wearing football cleats and carrying a football







This variation has his football cleats on (from the program for the 1981 football game versus Toledo). 

Cardinal Bird, 1985, Ready for Basketball


Cardinal Bird mascot dunking a basketball, 1985











This bird could also play basketball (1985, from the basketball media guide).

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