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History of the Cardinal Bird: 1980-present: The Era of the Costumed Character


Sometime no later than February, 1980, a few, fully costumed Cardinal Bird appeared. 

Cardinal Bird with UL cheerleaders, 1981

Here, he poses with the cheerleaders. 

While the intent of most mascots is to demonstrate the ferocity of the school's team, they are also often lovable. 

Cardinal Bird with young fan, 1980s

Here, the Cardinal Bird shares a laugh with a young fan (1980s). 

Cardinal Bird with predecessors, 1996

The Cardinal Bird with "Cardinal Bird alumni" in 1996. 


The Cardinal Bird took on a beefier look in the 2000s, and by 2012 had picked up a new nickname: Louie. 

Cardinal Bird at the Sugar Bowl, January 2013

The Cardinal Bird at the Sugar Bowl, January 2013. 


The Cardinal Bird/Louie received a significant redesign in 2016, taking on a leaner, meaner aspect. 

Cardinal Bird at football game, 2018

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