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Presentations and Publications: 2012

A list of the presentations and publications by faculty and staff of the University of Louisville Libraries

Ashman, Allen. "Authority Control at the University of Louisville." Ohio Valley Group of Technical Services Librarians Conference. Evansville, IN, 2012.

Atlas, Michel. "Miss Manners for Social Networking: A New Role for Medical Librarians?" Journal of the Medical Library Association 100, no. 4 (2012): 239-243.

Atlas, Michel. "What Librarians Want: A Panel Discussion." Council of Engineering and Scientific Society Executives meeting. Louisville, KY, 2012.

Buttler, Dwayne. "Current Developments in Fair Use and Copyright." American Library Association Annual Conference. Anaheim, CA, 2012.

Buttler, Dwayne. "Digitization and Orphans Works – Panel Perspective." American Library Association Conference. Dallas, TX, 2012.

Buttler, Dwayne. "Fair Use, Best Practices, and Copyright Realities." Kentucky Special Libraries Association meeting. Louisville, KY, 2012.

Buttler, Dwayne. "Intimacy Gone Awry: Copyright and Special Collections." Journal of Library Administration 52, no. 3-4 (2012): 279-293.

Buttler, Dwayne. "No Seriously…the Age of Litigation and Other Bold Speculation." Ball State University 9th Annual Copyright Conference. Muncie, IN, 2012.

Buttler, Dwayne. "The Possibilities and Limits of Fair Use: The National Conversation." Iowa Library Association Conference. Dubuque, IA, 2012.

Buttler, Dwayne. "To Make a Long Story Short: Libraries and Copyright Today." Iowa Library Association Conference. Dubuque, IA, 2012.

Buttler, Dwayne. "Trick or Treat... Who Owns Your Work? Copyright, Access, and Making Choices, Sugar Free or High Fructose?" Chapel Hill, NC, 2012.

Buttler, Dwayne. "Truth, Lies, and Silly Putty: The Ties That Bind Copyright." American Library Association Annual Conference. Anaheim, CA, 2012.

Buttler, Dwayne. "University Approaches to Student Copyright Needs: 21st Century Copyright, 19th Century Thinking?" Center for Intellectual Property Symposium. Baltimore, MD, 2012.

Chenault, John. "Investigating and Improving Medical Education and Library Resources at the Tamale Teaching Hospital in Northern Ghana: A Case Report, Part 2." Kentucky Libraries 76, no. 3 (2012): 12-19.

Cox, F. M. and Edna Ross. "Partnering with a Homeless Shelter to Provide Authentic Community Involvement." Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities. Chattanooga, TN, 2012.

Detmering, Rob. "Teaching to Technology? Working out the (E)Bugs in Library Instruction and System Navigation." Ex Libris Bluegrass Users Group Conference. Somerset, KY, 2012.

Detmering, Rob and Anna Marie Johnson. "Research Papers Have Always Seemed Very Daunting:’ Information Literacy Narratives and the Student Research Experience." portal: Libraries and the Academy 12, no. 1 (2012): 5-22.

Detmering, Rob and Anna Marie Johnson. "Stories That Tell: Learning and Teaching from Information Literacy Narratives in Library Instruction." Georgia International Conference on Information Literacy. Savannah, GA, 2012.

Detmering, Rob and Randy Kuehn. "Embracing Engagement: Popular Technology and Academic Library Information Portals." Popular Culture Association / American Culture Association National Conference. Boston, MA, 2012.

Detmering, Rob and Claudene Sproles. "Forget the Desk Job: Current Roles and Responsibilities in Entry-Level Reference Job Advertisements." College & Research Libraries 73, no. 6 (2012): 543-555.

Detmering, Rob and Claudene Sproles. "Reference in Transition: A Case Study in Reference Collection Development." Collection Building 31, no. 1 (2012): 19-22.

Detmering, Rob and Claudene Sproles. "So, You Want to Be a Southeastern Librarian? Entry-Lvel Academic Library Job Trends in the Southeast." The Southeastern Librarian 60, no. 1 (2012): 3-15.

Finley, Sue. "Classic Misunderstandings of User Expectations: Lessons from Business." Kentucky Library Association Conference, 2012.

Goldberg, Tyler, Anna Marie Johnson and Randy Kuehn. "Tiptoeing Forward: Implementing and Integrating Worldcat Local as a Discovery Tool." In Planning and Implementing Resource Discovery Tools in Academic Libraries, 622-633. Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference, 2012.

Goldberg, Tyler and Diana Reid. "Aloha Print Serials: Methods to Identify Titles for Cooperative Journal Retention or Disposal." Ohio Valley Group of Technical Services Librarians Annual Conference, 2012.

Goldberg, Tyler and Nancy Utterback. "Kindles at the University of Louisville: User Needs, Expectations, and Responses." Kentucky Library Association meeting, 2012.

Howard, Rachel I., Mary Carothers and Amy Purcell. "Documenting Ghost Signs: Deciphering the Traces of Another Era." i2a Institute: Critical Thinking Innovations. Louisville, Ky., 2012.

Howard, Rachel I., Elizabeth E. Reilly and Terri L. Holtze. "Ghost Signs of Louisville: Documenting the Past in the Present." Kentucky Library Association Conference. Louisville, Ky., 2012.

Johnson, Anna Marie. "The Power of Story: Insights into Students’ Experience with and Expectations of Academic Research." Kentucky Library Association annual meeting, 2012.

Johnson, Anna Marie and Rob Detmering. "Learning and Teaching from Research Narratives in Library Instruction." Kentucky Library Association Library Instruction Roundtable Retreat, 2012.

Johnson, Anna Marie, Claudene Sproles, Rob Detmering and Jessica English. "Library Instruction and Information Literacy 2011." Reference Services Review 40, no. 4 (2012): 601-703. DOI:

Johnson, Katherine Burger. "American Medical Assistance in Time of War, 1914-1917." U.S. Army Medical Department History Conference. Fort Sam Houston, TX, 2012.

Johnson, Katherine Burger. "You Hardly Look a Day over 150: The Sidney I. Kornhauser Health Sciences Library at the University of Louisville Celebrates Its 175th Anniversary." Kentucky Libraries 76, no. 4 (2012): 32-36.

Laning, Melissa and Emily Stenberg. "What Not to Do During the Interview." Kentucky Library Association. ??, 2012.

Liu, Weiling. "Customizing the Voyager Holdings Information without Touching the Records or Codes: Jquery Makes It Possible." Ex Libris Bluegrass Users Group Meeting. Somerset, KY, 2012.

Liu, Weiling and Mike Wilson. "‘I Can’t Connect from Home’: Can a Chatbot Help?" Kentucky Library Association Conference. Louisville, KY, 2012.

Manasco, James. "Science and Engineering Resources 101: Focus on Nuclear Engineering and Physics." Special Libraries Association Conference. Chicago, IL, 2012.

Muir, A., Dwayne Buttler and W. Mossink. "Legal Alignment." In Aligning National Approaches to Digital Distribution, edited by N. McGovern. Atlanta, GA: Educopia Institute, 2012.

Owen, Tom. "First Justice Harlan’s Political Journey." Civil War Symposium. Louisville, KY, 2012.

Porter, Toccara. "Closing Reflection." Kentucky Library Association Library Instruction Roundtable Retreat, 2012.

Porter, Toccara. "Games and Activities: An Alternative Foundation for Library Instructional Learning." Codex: the Journal of the Louisiana Chapter of the ACRL 2, no. 2 (2012): 61-77.

Procell, James. "Sharing Our Special Collections with the World: An Imslp Digitization Project." Midwest Chapter of the Music Library Association annual meeting. Naperville, IL, 2012.

Procell, James. "Trends in Patron Use of Physical Media Materials and Subscription Online Media Databases at the University of Louisville: A Ten-Year Study." Music Reference Services Quarterly 15, no. 4 (2012): 231-239.

Procell, James and Allen Ashman. "Authority Control at the University of Louisville Libraries." Kentucky Library Association Conference. Louisville, KY, 2012.

Reid, Diana and Margo Smith. "Measuring (the Value of) Space: A Case Study of a Collaborative Assessment of an Academic Library's Physical Collections." The Southeastern Librarian 61, no. 1 (2012): 13-22.

Reilly, Elizabeth E. "Archivist 2.0: Using Social Media to Connect Collections with Users." Midwest Archives Conference, 2012.

Reilly, Elizabeth E. "Preserving Photographs: Ideals Vs. Realities." Kentucky Council on Archives Meeting. Georgetown, KY, 2012.

Reilly, Elizabeth E. "The University of Louisville Photographic Archives: The First Fifty Years." Kentucky Libraries 76, no. 3 (2012): 4.

Smith, Virginia. "Social Media Trifecta: Tools for Your Job Search." Library 2.012 Worldwide Virtual Conference. 2012.

Smith, Virginia, and Kurt Metzmeier. "Researching Family and Local History in Digital Collections." Kentucky Ancestors (2012): 173-79.

Sproles, Claudene. "Future Issues in Government Documents Librarianship." Kentucky GODORT Meeting, 2012.

Sproles, Claudene and Angel Clemons. "Surveying the Landscape of Online Maps." Kentucky Library Association annual conference. Louisville, KY, 2012.

Sproles, Claudene and Randy Kuehn. "Storing Government Documents in a Robotic Retrieval System." National Federal Depository Library Conference. Arlington, VA, 2012.

Wilson, E. Michael. "Chat Widgetry Communication Exchange and Addenda." American Society for Engineering Education Conference. San Antonio, TX, 2012.

Wilson, E. Michael. "Using Business Consulting Concepts to Improve Information Consultancy." Kentucky Library Association Annual Conference. Louisville, KY, 2012.

Wilson, E. Michael. "What Librarians Want: A Panel Discussion." Council of Engineering and Scientific Society Executives Conference. Louisville, KY, 2012.

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