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Web of Science

Learn how to use Web of Science for cited reference searching and finding journal impact factor, author h-index, and funding sources

About Web of Science

Web of Science is a multidisciplinary database of articles, conference proceedings, and books for the sciences, social sciences, and arts and humanities. Powerful tools allow you to search for sources that have cited a particular work, as well as journal impact factors and author h-indices.

Searching in Web of Science

Try searching using keywords related to your topic in a basic search.

Use the Add row button to include additional keywords. You can choose the connectors AND, OR, NOT to include, expand, or limit your search. You can also add a date range. 

Web of Science basic search with the keywords "climate justice" in the first search box and ecology in the second search box with the Boolean operator and.

Use the drop down menu next to each search box to change the search query to topic, title, author, publication date, abstract, and more.

You can also build and structure your query using the advanced search option. 

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This guide includes screenshots of Web of Science.