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Web of Science

Learn how to use Web of Science for cited reference searching and finding journal impact factor, author h-index, and funding sources

Author H-index Web of Science

Author H-index in Web of Science

The h-index of a scholar measures their productivity and the impact of their publications. The h-index is calculated where the number is equal to the highest number of papers by the author that have n or more citations. For example, if an author has an h-index of 18, they have 18 publications that have been cited 18 or more times.

Follow the steps below to find an author's h-index in Web of Science. 

1. Click on the Researchers tab. Enter the name of the researcher, then search. 

Web of Science homepage with Researcher tab next to the Documents tab highlighted and Eason, P in the name search box.

2. If there are more than one author, try limiting your search using the filter for Organization on the left. Click Refine to update your results. 

Web of Science search results for Eason, Perri K with the Organization filter on the left highlighted and the box checked for University of Louisville.

3. You can find the researcher's h-index in the Metrics section on the right. Click on the View citation report button for a more detailed report. 

Web of Science profile for Perri Eason with h-index of 18 highlighted in the metrics section on the right and the View citation report button highlighted.