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Web of Science

Learn how to use Web of Science for cited reference searching and finding journal impact factor, author h-index, and funding sources

Cited Reference Searching in Web of Science

Cited reference searching allows you to view all articles that have cited a published work.

1. If an article has been cited, you can find the number of citations on a Web of Science results page.

Web of Science results page for Asian American women and STEM with 20 citations highlighted for the article "Asian American women in STEM in the lab with "White Men Named John""

2. Click on the number to see the full list of citing articles.

3. Use the filters on the left to sort through the list by publication year, research area, author, publication, and more.

Web of Science list of citing articles with filters for publication year and document type on the left.

3. The Analyze Results and Citation Report buttons provide more in-depth analysis tools and metrics, such as visualizations of cited references by research areas or authors, and total number of times cited and publications over time.

Web of Science citing articles results page with buttons highlighted for Analyze Results and Citation Report.

You can also start a cited reference search from the Web of Science homepage.

1. Click on the Cited References tab.

Web of Science homepage with Cited References tab next to Documents highlighted.

2. Enter some relevant information in the search boxes such as Cited Author and Cited Work. 

Web of Science Cited References search for Cited Author Castro, Athena R and Cited Work "Asian American women in STEM in the lab with "White Men Named John""

3. After you click Search, select the citation that matches your search, then click See Results. 

Web of Science results page for Cited Reference search with the box checked next to the result and the See Results button highlighted.