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Web of Science

Learn how to use Web of Science for cited reference searching and finding journal impact factor, author h-index, and funding sources

Finding Funding Sources in Web of Science

Web of Science can help you identify the agencies that are funding research in a specific area or topic within your field. Follow the steps below to find funding sources.

1. Change the drop down menu on the search to Topic. Enter your topic, then search. 

Web of Science search homepage with Topic search field selected and the search terms nuclear engergy.

2. It may also be helpful to limit your search results using the filter on the left for Research Area. Check the box, then click Refine to update your results. 

Web of Science search with Research Area filter on the left panel of the results with the box checked for Engineering and the Refine button highlighted.

3. At the top of the page, click the Analyze Results button. 

Web of Science search results page with Analyze Results button after the search box highlighted.

4. Change the drop down menu at the top to Funding Agencies. You'll see a visualization and list of agencies by record count. 

Web of Science Analyze Results page with Funding Agencies selected in the drop down menu highlighted.