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LibGuides 2: Training for Authors: Layout Options

Guide Navigation Layout

When you create a new guide, you'll need to go into the Guide Navigation Layout section and choose one of the UofL templates. 

  1. Click the second dropdown in the settings menu at the top right of the page and choose Guide Navigation layout.
  2. Choose one of the UofL options from choices: either "UofL Tabs Layout 2021" or "UofL Side-Nav Layout 2021"
    layout options

System Default Tabbed Layout v. UofL Tabbed Layout

system default tabbed layout
System Default Tabbed Layout - DO NOT USE
UofL tabbed layout
UofL Tabbed Layout

The System Default Tabbed Layout shows up when you create a new guide. You need to choose a guide layout with "UofL" in the title to get the correct layout. 

If your guide is not set to a UofL template:

  1. The navigation links won't line up with the title;
  2. The search box will say "Search this guide" instead of "Search the UofL Libraries site" and will not do our custom search; 
  3. The sidebar nav tools will be missing (they should appear on the right side of the screen halfway down); and
  4. The Librarian Login link will not be in the lower right corner of the page.



Difference between UofL Tabbed Layout and UofL Side-Nav Layout

system default tabbed layout
UofL Tabbed Layout
UofL tabbed layout
UofL Side-Nav Layout


  1. In the side-nav version the page title does not appear at the top of the guide.
  2. Tabbed version allows you to choose how many content columns (from 1-4 columns) and what sizes they will be. Side-nav provides one column for the navigation buttons and one column for content with no options for sizing.

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