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Water Resources Law & Policy (LAW 389, Arnold): Water Systems

Research guide to support Water Resources Law & Policy coursework

What are you looking for?

Identify the following features of your selected water system (watershed, runoff/water pollution, drinking water, OR flooding) in your selected city or urban area:

  • Characteristics
  • Goals
  • Structures
  • Functions
  • Processes/Dynamics
  • Problems


Where to look?

Use the following resources:

  • Assigned readings in class, as a guide to the kind of information to seek & the kind of resources that could be sought
  • Government agency websites
  • Websites of major stakeholders (e.g., nonprofits, business or professional organizations, advocacy groups, etc.)
  • Studies by research centers, government agencies, or nonprofits
  • Academic journal databases in the University Libraries system
  • News articles: Internet search and/or Westlaw/Lexis-Nexis news database search
  • AWRA, UCOWR, WaterWired, UAA, and AWWA all may be good sources of information
  • Google Scholar search for academic journal articles
  • Chapters in academic books: try a search engine like Google Books AND the University Libraries catalog

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