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Seminar Papers & Law Review Notes: Topic

Topics, Research & Writing Tips for Seminar Papers & Law Review Notes

Choosing a New Topic

  • Look for a new legal development
    • For example: a new case that may change the law in unforeseen ways
    • For example: a new statute that needs to be interpreted *hint - compare the statue with laws of the other 50 states*
    • For example: a potential new statute, or a new one in a state that might be adopted in others
  • Find a common law rule that is changing
    • For example: a minority rule that is becoming the majority *hint - compare or analyze how states have treated the issue over time*
  • Think about a new way to look at an issue
    • For example: what if you protected neglected pets not with criminal sanctions but a civil cause of action
  • Consider a new social or technological issue that may need to be managed by new laws
    • For example: how we could use the law to keep our devices from spying on us

Find Ideas

Search for topics in:

  • Current Awareness Services
    • Subject oriented newsletters that discuss new laws, lawsuits, cases, etc.
  • Topical resources such as blogs

Resources: Blogs

Legal blogs often cover the latest issues under discussion, and provide new ideas for seminar paper topics.


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Resources: Legal News & Newsletters

Legal news and newsletters highlight current issues and events that may spark ideas for seminar paper topics.

In Lexis Advance select News or Legal News under the 'Content Type' tab, or view the latest news in the drop-down box.

Lexis news

In Westlaw select News under the 'All Content' tab, or browse the latest news in the 'News and Insights from REUTERS' box.

Westlaw News