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Topics, Research & Writing Tips for Seminar Papers & Law Review Notes

About this Guide

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This guide will help you to identify and use legal resources when writing a seminar paper or law review note.

Each tab includes a short overview of the subject, links to databases, websites, books, and other resources accessible through the library.

For further help with your research, please contact the Law Library.

What is a Research Paper?

A research paper is based on significant legal research that:

  • Identifies a problem
  • Analyzes the current law
  • Interprets the law or proposes changes to the law
  • Resolves the problem

UofL Writing Requirement

Requirements according to the Student Handbook:

  • "significant legal research, organization, and analysis"
  • "at least 6,250 words in length, exclusive of footnotes or endnotes"
  • "supported by footnotes, endnotes, or other appropriate citation of authority"


A Research Paper is NOT

  • A brief
  • A compilation of other people's work
  • A digest of the law