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Tests, Scales, Assessments: Finding Tests

References to Tests

In addition to publication and ordering information for commercially available tests, and citations if the instrument is printed in a publically accessible publication, most of these sources include a description of the test, and references to articles on applications and validity.

  • Compendium of Neuropsychological Tests: Administration, norms and commentary
    Ekstrom Library RC 386.6 .N48 S67 2006
    The "manual presents a compilation of the main neuropsychological tests currently used in the University of Victorial Psychology Laboratory and its associated facitlites. For each test entry, information is provided under the following headings listed in the actual order of presentation: Test name, Other test name(s), Purpose, Source, Description, Administration, Approximate time for administration, Scoring, Comment, Normative data. Most neuropsychological tests have been developed primarily for the adult age range; however, [the editors] have included all available norms for pediatric and gerontological populations, as well as nueropsychological tests developed especially for children." Includes name, test and subject indices.
  • Tests: A comprehensive reference for assessments in psychology, education and business
    Ekstrom Library Reference Collection (2nd floor) BF 176 .T43 2008
    The fifth edition presents tests from 219 publishers arranged in the three broad categories specified in the title, and broken into sub-categories. Information about each test is minimal: author, publisher, purpose, description, format, scoring and cost. Publisher addessed and websites are listed separately. Entries for each test are less than 1/2 page; for more detailed description and analysis of the tests listed in this text, consult Test Critiques, volumes 1-10.

Citing the Mental Measurements Yearbook


The books listed below include actual scales and inventories. (They will not include tests available commercially - i.e. those sold by publishers.) In most cases, entries also provide scoring instructions, descriptions, discuss sample validity and provide the primary reference.

  • Handbook of family measurement techniques, volumes 1 through 3
    Ekstrom Library HQ 728 .H267 2001
    Volume 1 of this set provides abstracts and references to 976 instruments frm the 1975-1986, "but also briefly described instruments published from as far back as 1929." Volume 2 abstracts 267 instruments 1987-1996, and volume 3 contains the actual instruments from 168 of those abstracted in volume 2. It "includes primarily self-report scales ... for rating behaviors of families or family members."
  • Handbook of marketing scales: Multi-item measures for marketing and consumer behavior research
    Ekstrom Library HF 415.3 .B323 1999
    A compilation of approximately 200 self-report measures used in marketing and consumer behavior research.
  • Measures for clinical practice: A sourcebook, volumes 1 & 2
    Ekstrom Library BF 176 .C66 2000
    This book aims to provide instruments that practitioners and students can use in monitoring and evaluating their clinical practice. They measure "common problems seen in clinical practice, and are relatively short, easy to score and administer ...". Volume 1 contains instruments for couples, families and children; volume 2 provides instruments for adults.
  • Scales for the measurement of attitudes
    Ekstrom Library BF 378 .A75 S45
    With introductory and concluding chapters discuss nature, methods and evaluation of measurements. Chapters 3 through 10 present the scales grouped by attitudes toward various social referents: social issues and problems, international issues, political and religious issues, ethnic and national groups, etc.
  • ETS Test Collection -- Tests in Microfiche
    Ekstrom Current Periodicals and Microform Collection (2nd floor) Fiche 21 LB 23
    Non-commercial research instruments that have been cited in the educational and psychological literature and which the authors have agreed to make available through Educational Testing Service. Tests cover many topics and subjects and can be reproduced for educational or research purposes. Most of this set is available in the Current Periodicals & Microforms Department, Ekstrom Library. A searchable index to these tests is included online through ETS Testlink.