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CJ 325: Research Methods (Hayden): Journal Article #2

Your Resource

Who Polices the Police?

Grabiner, G. (2016). Who Polices the Police? Social Justice, 43(2), 58–79.

Questions to Address in Evaluating your Resource

Read through the information provided on the article's record page. To open the article, select PDF Full Text.

Skim through the article and respond to the following questions: 

  1. What leads you to believe that the journal & article are scholarly, if at all? Consider and respond to different characteristics such as authors; article format; reference; etc. 

  2. What type of article is this? Has the author done a study? Is there a methodology section?

  3. Is this journal article as relevant to the topic of community policing as the first one? Why or why not?

  4. What research question(s) could this source help you answer if you were to write a paper on community policing? Answer this question by also considering your overall evaluation of the source and whether you'd use the source or not. 

How your Source was Located

Your source was located using Criminal Justice Abstracts, a database located at the Criminal Justice Research Guide.