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Ekstrom Library

Black History Month: Nonfiction



cover - Black History 1619-2019
cover - The Fire Is upon Us
cover - The Practice of Citizenship
cover - Sister Citizen
cover - Some Other Blues
cover - Breaking Barriers
cover - Technicolored
cover - Trouble of the World
cover - Traveling Black
cover - Unequal Freedom
cover - Wayward Lives, Beautiful Experiments
cover - We Were Eight Years in Power
cover - Women, Race and Class
cover - White Tears/Brown Scars
cover - Hidden Figures
cover - Black Radio/Black Resistance
cover - Black to Nature

Memoirs and Autobiographies

Cover - The Audacity of Hope
Cover - Becoming
Cover - The Autobiography of Malcolm X
Cover -
Cover - Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
Cover - Negroland
Cover - Assata
Cover - The Source of Self-Regard
Cover - Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Cover - Ida in Her Own Words
Cover - Mama Phife Represents


Cover -  Ida: a Sword among Lions
cover - The Dead Are Arising
cover Toni Morrison's Spiritual Vision
cover - Looking for Lorraine
cover - In Search of the Color Purple
cover - Rosa Parks
cover - Maya Angelou (Revised and Updated Edition)
cover - Frederick Douglass
cover - Frederick Douglass
cover - The Life of the Author: Maya Angelou

The Civil Rights Movement

cover - Nine Days
cover -Elegy for Mary Turner
cover -  The Cambridge Companion to Malcolm X
cover - Root and Branch
cover - Black Power
cover - The Warmth of Other Suns

Antebellum and The Civil War

cover art - Freedom National
cover art - Word by Word
cover art - The Slaves Cause
cover art - A Slave No More
cover art - The Problem of Slavery
cover art - The Long Emancipation
cover art - Lincolns Gamble
cover art - Illusions of Emancipation
cover art - Defining Moments
cover art - Forever Free
cover art - I Freed Myself
cover art - Stony the Road
cover art - The Warmth of Other Suns
cover art - How the Word Is Passed
cover art - Festivals of Freedom
cover art - Remixing the Civil War
cover art - Envisioning Emancipation
cover art - On Juneteenth
cover art - Unequal Freedom
cover art - Closer to Freedom
cover - A Shot in the Moonlight
cover -Black Resettlement and the American Civil War
cover - Discourse on Colonialism
cover - A Kick in the Belly
cover - The Atlantic and Africa
cover - The Broken Constitution
cover - A House Divided
cover -  Running from Bondage

The American Revolution

cover - peters war
cover - black patriots
cover - death
cover - hemingses
cover - standing
cover - revolutionary war
cover - frederick douglass
cover - epic journeys
cover - water
cover - cause
cover - liberty
cover - choosing
cover - same liberty
cover - thomas jeremiah
An Afro-Indigenous History of the United States


cover - Body Not My Own
cover - Light for the World to See
cover - Doppelgangbanger
cover - Sweetgum & Lightning
cover - Waterbaby
cover -  Gumbo Ya Ya
cover - Playlist for the Apocalypse
cover - Everyday Mojo Songs of Earth
cover - I Am the Rage