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POLS 390: Evaluation of Resources: News #1

Your Resource


Southern climate scientists 'absent from global debate'. (2015, Sep 17). 

Questions to Address in Evaluating your Resource

Briefly read through the article (it's short!) and respond to the following questions:

  1. Look at the information All Africa provides on its news sources. How does this influence your evaluation of the source? 

  2. What issue does this article raise? Why is this issue important? What are the implications of this for research on climate change? 

  3. If you were to research climate change in one of the countries the news source mentions -- for example, Eritrea -- how would you go about searching for it? Consider the publication outlets the news source mentions. 

How your Source was Located

This article was found using ProQuest Newsstand, a database located on your Political Science Research Guide

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