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CJ 496: International Crime (Block): Law Review Article

Your Source: Law Review Article

Trafficking of Women: Norms, Realities, and Challenges.

Manjoo, R. (2014). Trafficking of Women: Norms, Realities, and Challenges. Albany Government Law Review, 7(1).

Questions to Address in Evaluating your Source

Read each question carefully, as the questions will tell you what part of the document to refer to, as you will not be reading the entire document.

  1. Who is Rashida Manjoo? What can you find out about her from the article and a quick search of her on Google? How does her background influence your initial evaluation of this article? 

  2. What is a law review article? Use this very LibGuide to write down a concise statement about what a law review article is to share with your class. How can a law review article contribute to your topic on trafficking of women? 

  3. Scroll through the article, paying attention to the headings she provides for sections of her article. What kinds of information is she contributing on the topic? What keywords could you use if you were to continue searching for information related to this article? 

  4. What kinds of information sources are you seeing citations for? (e.g. articles, government docs, specific agencies). How does this influence your evaluation of this source? Why might this be important to consider? 

How your Source was Located