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CJ 496: International Crime (Block): Databases

Scholarly Journal Articles: About

Scholarly Journal Articles: About

Scholarly journal articles will provide detailed analysis and a unique perspective on a very focused conversation for your final paper on a transnational or international crime whereby you'll be examining that situation and proposing possible methods of crime reduction.

For More Resources

For a more detailed list of databases to help you locate scholarly journal articles for your comparative research paper, please visit the Criminal Justice Research Guide.

Relevant Journals

The following peer-reviewed journals will contain information relevant to your final paper examining a specific type of international or transnational crime. Searching in the databases will allow you to explore multiple journals, while you can go straight to some journals and search within them. Going straight to the journal is especially helpful if you see it come up several times within a database. 

Some of these journals focus solely on international crime, while some are more broad in focus but are highly reputable journals within the field of Criminal Justice.


International Journal of Law, Crime & Justice

Journal of Criminal Justice

Justice Quarterly

For a list of even more relevant journals that you can look up using our catalog, refer to this John Jay College of Criminal Justice research guide.