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CJ 496: International Crime (Block): Government & Agencies

Government Agencies, Other Agencies, & NGOs: About

The links below list relevant government agencies as well as other relevant entities and NGOs that will help you contextualize your final paper. Many of these sites operate on the notion that you'll be doing keyword searches or hunting and pecking throughout their navigation to find what you need. These websites will include documents such as reports and publications, surveys, statistics, press releases, news, and so on, depending on the agency and the information they produce. 

Below each link is a description of the organization, most of which are taken from their About/Mission Statement pages. These are extremely helpful to look for when looking at the website of any entity, and the existence of these types of pages is very helpful in establishing credibility. Credible organizations are transparent in their purpose.

A Note on Statistics

Many of the organizations below will have data and/or statistics on their websites; for other specific resources for gathering statistics and data for your final paper, please visit the Statistics tab of this guide.

Government Agencies

Other Relevant Organizations

Key Resources

Relevant NGOs

Country Information

If you're researching a transnational or international crime, having some background information or statistics on the country or countries that are affected might help provide context. Here are several reputable sources that will contain demographic, political, economic, and other information on countries around the world.