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CJ 325: Research Methods (Navarro): Statistics

This guide is designed to accompany the 9/21/15 library research session on source evaluation for John Navarro's Criminal Justice Research Methods (325) course.

Your Resource

The Sexual Victimization of College Women.

Fisher, B. S., Cullen, F. T., & Turner, M. G. (2000). The sexual victimization of college women (NCJ 182369). U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, National Institute of Justice. Retrieved from


Questions to Address in Evaluating your Resource

Look over the information provided at your link (e.g. abstract, publisher, tables) and then respond to the following questions:

  1. Who are the authors of this publication? Google the author of the dataset and look at the purpose/mission of their institution.
    1. What is your evaluation of them as an author? 

  2. What is the publication date of the report? How could you find out whether this is the latest data this topic?

  3. Look over page 14 of the report, focusing on the bar graph titled "Exhibit 4: Comparison of Rape Estimates NCWSV Main Study and Comparison Component Study." Reading around the chart for context, what does this graph tell you? How does this influence your evaluation of the report's findings? 

  4. What research question(s) could this source help you answer if you were to write a paper on sexual deviance? Answer this question by also considering your overall evaluation of the source and whether you'd use the source or not. 

How your Source was Located

Located using the National Criminal Justice Reference Service, a government website linked to in your Criminal Justice Research Guide.