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CJ 325: Research Methods (Navarro): News #1

This guide is designed to accompany the 9/21/15 library research session on source evaluation for John Navarro's Criminal Justice Research Methods (325) course.

Your Resource

Duggar Sex-Abuse Scandal.

Bowerman, M. (2015, July 16). Duggar sex-abuse scandal. USA Today. Retrieved from

Questions to Address in Evaluating your Resource

Skim through the article and then respond to the following questions:

  1. What do you know about USA Today? What do you consider its level of reliance? Who is the author in relation to this organization and how does it influence your evaluation of this article? 

  2. How does the evidence they present influence your evaluation of the article? Consider the timeline they offer as evidence.

  3. Does the article seek to persuade in any way, or is it neutral? How does this influence your evaluation of the article? 

  4. What research question(s) could this source help you answer if you were to write a paper on sexual deviance? Answer this question by also considering your overall evaluation of the source and whether you'd use the source or not. 

How your Source was Located

This article was located using Google News