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CJ 325: Research Methods (Navarro): Journal Article #2

This guide is designed to accompany the 9/21/15 library research session on source evaluation for John Navarro's Criminal Justice Research Methods (325) course.

Your Resource

Zoophilia in Men: A Study of Sexual Interest in Animals. 

Williams, C. J., & Weinberg, M. S. (2003). Zoophilia in Men: A Study of Sexual Interest in Animals. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 32, 523-535.

Questions to Address in Evaluating your Resource

Read through the information provided on the article's record page. To open the article, select the FindIt@UofL icon & then select View Full Text (either of the two options). Do not select "linked full text" -- there's an issue with it! 

Skim through the article and respond to the following questions: 

  1. What leads you to believe that the journal & article are scholarly, if at all? Consider and respond to different characteristics such as authors; article format; reference; etc. 

  2. Look up the title of the article using Google Scholar. How many times was this article cited? Why might this be important and how might this be helpful for your own research? 

  3. How did the authors gather their data -- what methodology did they use? If you were doing a research project on sexual deviance, how could this methodology contribute to your own research? 

  4. The record for this article shows that both authors are faculty members of Sociology departments. List 2-3 research question(s) that a Criminal Justice researcher might ask based on this article. 

How your Source was Located

Your source was located using PsycINFO, an interdisciplinary database located at the Criminal Justice Research Guide.