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ORCID is a free, unique, persistent identifier that helps you to distinguish yourself and save time on manuscript submissions, university reporting, and grant applications. Register today!


This guide unless elsewhere noted was created by Gina Genova at the University of Lousville Kornhauser Health Sciences Library. 

Register for ORCID

Register for an ORCID ID at

TIP: Register with both your UofL and personal email accounts! (This way you won't have any trouble accessing your account if you change institutions.)

Benefits of ORCID

  • Save time on manuscript submissions and grant applications.
  • Distinguish yourself from researchers with the same or a similar name--and/or establish continuity after a name change or with variants of your name.
  • Make your work more discoverable.
  • You have complete control over your record and its visibility.

Note: The interfaces shown in ORCID's tutorial videos is a little different from their current version. ORCID is working on updating their videos, but most features are unchanged. Please don't hesitate to contact either a librarian or ORCID for technical support.