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Law Library

Law Library: HeinOnline

Resources available through the University of Louisville School of Law Library


HeinOnline includes a range of current and historic:

  • full-text journals
  • law reviews
  • Attorney General reports
  • historical state statutes
  • state reporters
  • state session laws
  • current and historical U.S. Code
  • Statutes at Large
  • federal regulations
  • compiled federal legislative histories
  • treaties

International and foreign materials are also available, including many primary and secondary legal resources from the EU, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Commands & Connectors

An advanced search option is available as a drop down under the basic search box on HeinOnline. Choose "Search Help" to see a full list of commands and connectors, or see the complete guide to Advanced Search Syntax. It is important to remember that connectors must be written in all caps.

Advanced Search Commands
Command Search
AND Place between search terms to find results including both terms.
OR Place between search terms to find results including either term.
NOT Excludes documents from results that include the specified term.
" " Place a phrase in quotation marks to search precisely as typed.
( ) Place around search terms within a longer string of search terms in order to determine search order.
~n Searches for words within a specified proximity to each other. For example: ~10
? Wild card. Replaces a single character within a search term. For example: wom?n = woman, women
* Truncation. Replaces a string of characters within a search term. For example: sentenc* = sentence, sentencing, sentences, sentencer, etc.


Search & Browse

It is important to select the correct collection or library of materials by choosing the relevant collection on the main page. The basic search box provides tabs for searching 'Full Text', 'Citation', 'Catalog', or 'Case Law'. If you are searching for a known citation or title, the basic search option is likely to be adequate. For more complex searches, especially for full text searches, browsing the collection or using the advanced search option may be more useful.

Further Training