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Kentucky Revised Statutes 75th Anniversary: Newspaper Coverage

This guide collects and describes documents pertaining to the seventy-fifth anniversary of the promulgation of the Kentucky Revised Statutes (KRS), the official statutory code of the commonwealth of Kentucky.


The statute revision process took place during the heyday of the Courier-Journal's reign as the "newspaper of record" in Kentucky, a period in which it operated several news bureaus all throughout the state, boasted a huge news staff, and was consistently ranked among the nation's top papers. Led by Barry Bingham Sr, who set the tone for his editorial pages, it pushed for reforms and modernization in the state, including improved public education, governmental reform, and better services for African Americans and the poor of Appalachia. It was a strong supporter of the statute revision effort and ran numerous stories on the process.

Researching the Courier-Journal

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Selected articles from the Courier-Journal


  • [Bill to create revision committee introduced], Courier-Journal, Feb. 4, 1936.
  • [Bill to create revision committee signed], Courier-Journal, Feb. 28, 1936.
  • Editorial, “The Statutory Jungle,” Courier-Journal, Sept. 14, 1936. *
  • “Statutes Revision Group Opens Office, Courier-Journal, July 2, 1938.
  • “Revision of Kentucky Statutes To Be Discussed at 13 Meetings,” Courier-Journal, Aug. 20, 1939. *
  • “State Law Bars Cows from Tenements,” Courier-Journal, Nov. 26, 1939. (Discusses obsolete or “screwy” laws). *
  • “Senate Gets 21 New Bills,” Courier-Journal, Jan. 25, 1940. (Obsolete law repeal bill introduced).
  • “Fair Reorganization among 36 Approved,” Courier-Journal, Jan. 25, 1940. (Obsolete law repeal bill signed).
  • “State Seeks to Stop 'and/or' and/or Cease Using ‘Thing,’” Courier-Journal, Mar. 24, 1940. *
  • J. Howard Henderson, “Revision of the Statutes Would Reduce Wordage,” Courier-Journal, Jun. 22, 1941.
  • Ken Rush, “Body Drafts Simplified State Laws – Man-On-Street Language Ready for Legislature,” Courier-Journal, Dec. 27, 1941. *
  • Editorial, “A Fitting Occasion to Resume Progress,” Courier-Journal, Dec. 28, 1941.


  • Allan M. Trout,“Ward and Dickson Come to Front in Legislature Opening Tuesday,” Courier-Journal, Jan. 4, 1942. (Leadership of Henry Ward, a New Deal progressive and a long supporter of statute revision, is discussed).
  • L.B. Alexander, “On Statute Revision,” Courier-Journal, Jan. 8, 1942. (chair of statute revision committee praises Courier-Journal for its support of legal reform).*
  • Allan M. Trout, “State’s Biggest Bill to Go to Legislature, “Courier-Journal, Feb. 1, 1942.*
  • “Assemblymen Begin Study of Revised Kentucky Laws,” Courier-Journal, Feb. 11, 1942. *
  • “Five Bills Introduced to Finish Job of Revising Old Kentucky Statutes,” Courier-Journal, Feb. 20, 1942. (Bill passes House).
  • “Bill Revising Statutes Is Sent to Governor,” Courier-Journal, Feb. 28, 1942.

Francis Ann Stacy compares the Carroll's Kentucky Statutes to the new KRS

Young girl with ruler compares size of Carroll's KY Statutes to smaller KY Revised Statutes

Allan M. Trout, "The State's Biggest Bill To Go to Legislature," Courier-Journal, Sunday Feb. 1 1942.