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Interlibrary Loan & Document Delivery: Tips

Interlibrary Loan provides access to articles, books, and other materials that are not owned by the University of Louisville Libraries.

The more information you can supply the better, especially if you can tell us where you received your citation.

Avoid Delays

  • When using the library catalog look for and click on the "Find it at UofL" button to search our holdings for access. If we do not have the item, use the "Request Item through Interlibrary Loan" button.
  • Before you submit your request, take a moment to proofread your citation and double check your numbers for accuracy.
  • Try to enter your citation information into the correct fields; if you do not know where the information should go, place it in the additional notes field when you submit your request.
  • Use the complete title for the book, journal, article and/or chapter.
  • List where you found this item. Some examples include "Dissertations & Theses Full Text", "Web of Science", or a specific book or journal.
  • Add the ISSN or ISBN number of the book or journal title. If you are using worldcat, add the OCLC accession number, if possible.

If Request is Canceled

If your ILL request is cancelled or sent back for more information, you might try…

  • Double-checking the citation in the database or website where you found it. Did all the information transfer correctly to the ILL form?