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Ekstrom Library

Ekstrom Library Room Reservations: Meeting Room

Ekstrom Library Room W210

Who can reserve? Faculty/Staff

COVID Seating: 10

Food/Drink allowed? Yes


Conference Room W210 Policy

Location: Ekstrom Library 2nd Floor West

Groups requesting use of room W210 agree to observe Ekstrom Library policies.


The principal function of room W210 is to provide a space for conducting library business. When not being used for library purposes, room W210 is made available for use by other university groups or recognized student organizations (RSOs) as authorized by the Dean, University Libraries. Non‐academic meetings and/or social events are NOTpermitted. External/non‐university events are NOT permitted. Use of room W210 will not be allowed for any events which charge fees for admittance, even if said fees are only intended as cost recovery. 

Reservations Procedure

The Office of the Dean, University Libraries (Ekstrom Library Room 203, 502.852.6745 / 502.852.8706) is responsible for scheduling and coordinating arrangements of room W210.  Every attempt should be made to schedule room W210 as far in advance of the date of the event as possible.

Individuals, groups, RSOs, and departments must reserve room W210 using LibCal. Only faculty and staff may schedule room W210. Students are not permitted to schedule meeting spaces.

The room may be reserved six times per semester for a maximum of three hours per request, inclusive of all rooms.  Room W210 is not scheduled for recurring weekly reservations, such as regular classes. The library does not host conference type events that require multiple rooms or back-to-back reservations for day or multi-day events.

All reservations must be made no less than seven (7) working days prior to the event. Please allow one (1) week for requests to be processed. You will receive an email confirming or denying your request.

  • Fall / Spring Semester:  Sunday through Thursday Events Must End No Later Than 10 PM.
  • Summer Semester:  Sunday through Thursday Events Must End No Later Than 8 PM.

Events may start no earlier than 30 minutes after library doors open. See Ekstrom Library Hours


Only light refreshments may be served in room W210.

No alcoholic beverages are permitted in the library.

Clean Up

  • Removal of all trash and papers from the room upon departure is expected.
  • Event signage of any type may NOT be affixed to any library surface.
  • Cleanup should take place IMMEDIATELY after your event so that the space is ready for the next event.  Please remind the caterer or your cleanup committee of this policy so you will not be charged the $100 fee.
  • No food, drink, or eating utensils can be left in the area or room. This includes coffee urns, drinking dispensers, table cloths and / or food trays. If the library staff removes any of the aforementioned items, they will be thrown away. 

If the area is not cleaned after your event, the library will generate an IUT with a charge of $100 to your Unit Business Manager.

NOTE: The Ekstrom Library Administration, Office of the Dean reserves the right to deny use of room W210 to any group failing to observe the policies outlined above.