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Ekstrom Library

Ekstrom Library Third Floor Renovation Project: Timeline

Initial Steps

Several crucial steps have already been completed or are currently underway.

  1. Anticipating this next renovation, Libraries staff have been conducting assessment activities since the completion of the 1st floor project to ensure that the updates made to the 3rd floor will meet student needs and propel their academic success.
  2. The Libraries have been building the financial resources to start the project. This has included creating a plant fund specific to the project as well as dedicating endowment and unrestricted gift accounts to the project as well.
  3. The Libraries have been working to build out Bay 4 of the Robotic Retrieval System that is used to store library collections onsite. The completion of this project in February 2018 has allowed the Libraries to begin relocating collections off the 3rd floor freeing up that space for this renovation.
  4. The Libraries have already commenced working with University Planning and Design as well as the architects from the 1st floor renovation to design this renovation.



    July-August 2018

    Finalize draft program for the renovated space

    September 2018

    Meet with student groups to validate that the program will meet their needs

    October-December 2018

    Prepare construction and bid documents

    January 2019

    Bid project

    Spring Semester 2019

    Upon bid award, begin light demolition work to move the project forward but that will not impede students from using the 3rd floor during this semester

    May-December 2019

    Renovation work and project completion