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Ekstrom Library

Ekstrom Library Third Floor Renovation Project: Home

Part of our mission at the University Libraries is to transform our spaces to be a model of user-focused, research library services. In recent years, we've made progress on this goal through a number of renovation and modernization projects. Our next big project is the renovation of Ekstrom Library's Third Floor.

We've been observing how Ekstrom Library's spaces are used, consulted with the Libraries Student Advisory Board, and conducted a 2018 campus-wide survey to guide the future third floor renovation. While we received positive comments on the First Floor renovation, such as “I love how Ekstrom Library remodeled recently, the environment at the library is very enjoyable,” we also heard, "Create or renovate more areas for quiet places. The study carrels are always full and it is hard to find a quiet, clean space for studying.”

Listening to this feedback, with this next renovation, we're determined to:

  1. Substantially increase the number of student seats;
  2. Clearly define Ekstrom’s 3rd floor as a quiet study and learning space;
  3. Create innovative spaces devoted to the needs of graduate students; and
  4. Modernize and update the 3rd floor to meet student needs.

Cardinal and study area

study tables with a view