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Ekstrom Library

Ekstrom Library Policies: Laptop Borrowing

Ekstrom Library has laptop computers for use within the library by currently enrolled UofL students, staff and faculty. The laptops allow wireless connection to the internet, and include the Microsoft Office Suite. Before checking out a laptop for the first time, each student must review the rules with a member of our staff. The rules for borrowing a laptop are listed below.

Patron Laptop Use Guidelines and Agreement

  • You MUST present a valid Cardinal Card each time you check out a laptop. Laptops DO NOTcirculate to patrons with overdue or lost items on their account.
  • You are responsible for all theft or damage to the laptop while it is charged to your account. You MAY NOT transfer the laptop to any other person.
  • Laptops circulate for 4 hours at a time. If there is no one else waiting to use the laptop, you may renew it by bringing it back to the AUS Desk. Laptops cannot be reserved or placed on hold. They are not checked out withing 2 hours of the library closing, and all laptops are due 1 hour before closing, regardless of checkout time.
  • You MUST leave the laptop ON when you return it. You will STAY at the desk until the laptop is discharged.
  • Laptops may not be taken beyond the security gates at the doors of the building (this includes Starbucks). In case of building evacuation please KEEP THE LAPTOP WITH YOU and leave the building. Return to the library immediately after an all clear is sounded. If the evacuation continues and you must leave the area, return the laptop to this desk as soon as you can. You will continue to be responsible for the laptop until it is returned.
  • You will be fined $7.50 for each 15 minutes the laptop is overdue, up to a maximum charge of $1500 if the laptop (or any component) is not returned.
  • You may not download software or save any files onto the laptop. It is recommended that files be saved to a flash drive or e-mailed whenever possible. Any files left on the laptop will be deleted.
  • If you need assistance with the laptop or any of its software, please ask at the West Service Desk.
  • By checking out a laptop you agree to follow these guidelines. If you fail to comply with these rules you will no longer be allowed to borrow laptops.