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Ekstrom Library

McConnell Archives/Ekstrom Library Expansion Project: Home


To accommodate the growth of the McConnell Archives, an addition will be built on the south side of the Ekstrom Library (facing the Law School parking lot). The expansion will connect to the existing structure on the lower level, first, and second floors.

This expansion aims to:

  • Provide growth space for the McConnell Archives on the lower level.
  • Expand seating for students on the first floor.
  • Relocate the Technical Services Department and University Libraries employee break room to the second floor.

Timeline (tentative)

Construction Start Date: May 1, 2024

Estimated Completion: June 27, 2025

Preparatory activities will be occurring prior to the May 1st construction start date.

Phase 01

Activity Start Date End Date
Build the addition May 1, 2024 February 17, 2025
Breakroom 254 May 6, 2024 September 3, 2024
Corridor 099C May 6, 2024 September 4, 2024
Special Collections LL41 November 12, 2024 January 27, 2025

Phase 02A

Activity Start Date End Date
Move archives located in LL70 to new special collections room at LL41 January 28, 2025 February 17, 2025
Move McConnell Archives into addition February 18, 2025 March 10, 2025

Phase 02B

Activity Start Date End Date
Renovate the McConnell Archives spaces and the corridor and all associated finishes March 11, 2025 June 17, 2025
McConnell Archives move into renovated spaces June 18, 2025 June 24, 2025

Ribbon Cutting

Activity Start Date End Date
Ribbon Cutting July 18, 2025  
south side of Ekstrom Library
South side of Ekstrom Library [Image credit: Terri Holtze]