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Google Scholar

Tips for getting the most out of Google Scholar

Your Google Scholar Profile

Google Scholar allows scholars to create a profile of their works, citations, and interests. Your Scholar profile also calculates citation metrics and your h-index. Other scholars can also follow you and receive alerts when new works are added to your profile.

Creating Your Scholar Profile

1. Go to My Profile on the Google Scholar homepage or menu. 

Google Scholar homepage with an arrow pointing to the My Profile button at the top left.

2. Enter your name, institutional affiliation, institutional email, areas of interest, and, if applicable, a personal website.

Google Scholar Profile with information entered for name, affiliation, email for verification, and areas of interest.

3. Find and select articles you've written to add to your profile by searching your name or articles by title. Then click the next arrow. 

Google Scholar article you write search for Latisha Reynolds.

4. Verify how your profile will be updated. You can choose to have Google Scholar automatically add articles you publish, or you can update your profile manually. 

5. Your profile will show all the articles you've published, as well as citations of your work and your h-index. Be sure to click Make it public to make your profile discoverable in Google Scholar. 

Google Scholar profile in edit mode with make it public box at the top highlighted.