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Google Scholar

Tips for getting the most out of Google Scholar

Journal Metrics in Google Scholar

You can find the h5-index for a journal in Google Scholar and compare journals in different fields. 

1. In Google Scholar, click on the menu icon in the top left and choose Metrics. 

Google Scholar menu with an arrow pointing to the Metrics tab.

2. Click on the search icon in the top right corner, then add the name of a journal in the search box. 

Google Scholar metrics search for ecology and evolution with the journal metrics highlighted.

3. Click on the h5-index to view a list of top cited articles and the journal's rank in its categories. 

To compare journal by subject: 
1. Click on the View All button at the bottom of the Top Publications box. 

Google Scholar metrics page with View All button highlighted.

2. Then, click on the Categories and Subcategories drop down menus to narrow to your field of interest. 

Google Scholar metrics categories.