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Data Management

Consultation Services

You can submit a draft of a data management plan for the Data Services Coordinator on the Belknap Campus, Tessa Withorn ( to review. Please allow approximately 1 week for feedback, which will focus on overarching best practices for data management processes. Feedback is not guaranteed to be comprehensive.

Data Management Plan Components

Basic data management plans will consider the following components:

  • description of the project
  • description of the data that will be produced
  • how data will be managed throughout the project
  • documentation about the data, including metadata and format information
  • plan for short-term data storage, backup, and security
  • legal and ethical issues, such as intellectual property, copyright issues, and privacy
  • access, sharing, and reuse of data
  • data retention and disposal arrangements
  • preservation and archiving to ensure the integrity and long-term preservation of the data

Data Management Plan Tool

DMPTool: guidance and resources for your data management plan

What Funders Require a Data Management Plan?

Some of the major institutions that require a data management plan include:


For a more complete list of funding agencies requiring a data management plan, please see:

Developing a Data Management Plan with the DMP Tool

Data Management Plans Workshop