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Finding Statistics and Data

Finding statistics in Statista

  1. On this guide, click on the Key Statistical Resources tab to view statistics databases like Statista.
  2. In Statista, use the search bar to search for your topic (e.g. juvenile crime).
  3. On the results page, you can limit by types of statistics, studies, and reports, as well as Region, Country, Industry, or Publication Date. Click on any result to view a chart of the statistic.
  4. Click the PDF button (or any other format) to download the chart. Click the Source tab and follow the Source Link to view the source for this statistic, which might include the full report.

Finding data in ICPSR

  1. Go to the Data & Statistics library guide at
  2. On the Finding Data & Statistics library guide, click on the Key Data Resources tab to view data databases like ICPSR.
  3. In ICPSR, use the search bar to search for your topic (e.g. juvenile crime).
  4. On the results page, you can limit by Subject, Data Type, Time Period, and more. Click on any result.
  5. Within the result, you'll see a Summary at the top and a more in-depth study information further down. Click the Data & Documentation tab to view all data files and use the Download option to save the data in your preferred file format.

Finding data and statistics using Google

  1. Use site: .gov to find data and statistics on your topic in Google. For example, type site: .gov Lousiville statistics to view government websites containing statistics about the city of Louisville.

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