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Asian Studies: Burma/Myanmar


Burmese Flag


Encyclopedia Britannica - Myanmar/Burma

Information on the land, people, economy, administration and social conditions, cultural life, and history. 

The World Factbook - Burma/Myanmar 

Basic intelligence on the history, people, government, economy, energy, geography, environment, communications, transportation, military, terrorism, and transnational issues.

BBC Country Profiles - Myanmar/Burma

An instant guide to the history, politics, and economic background of countries and territories.

UofL Government Resource Guide - Burma/Myanmar

Our Government Resources guide provides an extensive list of articles related to politics, culture, and society

Secondary Sources

Use these databases to find articles and/or essays in scholarly journals and books.


Burma at the Turn of the 21st Century
Until the World Shatters
The Hidden History of Burma
The River of Lost Footsteps
The Burma Road
Karaoke Fascism


Beyond Borders
The Mists of Ramanna
A War of Empires
Contesting Buddhist Narratives

Primary Sources

These databases and websites provide access to digital archival materials such as manuscripts, letters, photographs, moving image and sound materials, artwork, books, diaries, and other artifacts. You can also visit our main pages for Asia and Southeast Asia to find additional databases and resources covering broader regions.

Open Access

Burma/Myanmar Elections Web Archive

This web archive from the Library of Congress brings together a collection of websites that document the General Elections of 2010, the by-elections of 2012, and the General Elections of 2015.

Burma Studies Collections

Northern Illinois University provides access to a section of Burmese art, music, and manuscripts.

The History of the Union of Myanmar (Burma)

World History Archives, by Hartford Web Publishing, offers documents to support the study of world history from a working-class and non-Eurocentric perspective. This site collects and stores statements about political, social and historical events of Burma.

Southeast Asia Digital Library Myanmar

Digital versions of books, manuscripts, periodicals, historical photos, videos, and oral histories.

Fragile palm leaves digitisation initiative

The FPL collection includes manuscripts and texts crucial to these fields that are unknown and unstudied by both local (Burmese) scholars and scholars internationally.

Myanmar records of photographic negatives

These negative archives by local photographers provide a unique insight into local life in Myanmar. The images are not foreign obsevations, they are (especially due to the isolation of Myanmar) an insight view from within and represent how Burmese wanted to present themselves to their fellow countrymen (most images are portraits).


UofL Databases


Recommended Titles:

BBC: Myanmar

Democratic Voice of Burma


Myanmar Business Today


UofL Databases

Open Access

Central Statistical Organization

The Myanmar National Statistical System (NSS), comprised of various government departments and agencies in Myanmar that produce statistics, is a highly decentralized statistical system. It means the cooperation system among the government departments, organizations and private sector in compiling official statistics referring to the collected data, administrative records or primary data of other statistical data compilation.