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HIST 510: Refugee Law & US Foreign Policy (Keeley): Newspapers

A Note about News Sources

A number of the news sources listed below will feature articles written through some sort of lens, or frame. All of the news resources listed below are reputable, but many have a slight slant. It is important to be aware of these as you read the news: what information is being left out? What are they saying? What other information do you need to find on your topic to supplement the first article and provide a well-rounded view of the situation? These are questions you need to consider as you read the news, and all information, really. This is why we cite multiple sources.


The following are popular news sources, both current and historical, that offer local, national, and major world news publications as well as independent or minority press sources.

Related Resources

Specific News Resources

The following news sources may, by default, be in their native language and your browser may automatically translate. Some may have English language icons to change languages or will have English-specific versions, such as Der Spiegel

For a more comprehensive list of foreign news sources, please visit MIT's Foreign Language News and Newspapers guide.