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HIST 510: Refugee Law & US Foreign Policy (Keeley): In-Class Exercise

In-Class Exercise: Evaluating Information Sources


You're researching the Sanctuary Movement and are aware that it involved people in the United States providing shelter for those fleeing civil conflict in Central America and that it was against US law. You're unsure of a narrower look at this movement, but you're currently looking at how the news in the 1980s reported on the event and the questions the news brings up for you regarding the Sanctuary Movement.

Your Source

Robbins, Catherine C. "Sanctuary Movement Gains a Court Hearing on its Principles." New York Times 07 Jun 1988: A16. Print.

Questions for Discussion

Read through the following questions and with those in mind, spend 3-5 minutes reading/skimming the news article from Catherine C. Robbins. Then, respond to the questions as a group and discuss. Afterwards, we'll talk about this article as a class.

  1. What research questions might this article help us answer? On the other hand, what questions does this source generate?

  2. What does the article provide in terms of arguments and evidence used by both Sanctuary activists and the United States federal government?

  3. What other sources might help you answer your questions about this source and how would you go about finding them? List some keywords that you might search based on your reading and group discussion of this article.