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HIST 510: Refugee Law & US Foreign Policy (Keeley): Home

Introduction to the HIST 510: Refugee Law & US Foreign Policy Research Guide

This guide is designed to orient you to resources that can provide you with information sources for your research paper in Dr. Keeley's HIST 510: Refugee Law & U.S. Foreign Policy since 1945. 

This guide tries to provide an overview of resources given that there will be a variety of topics researched by individuals. However, some resources may also be more specific based on topics pursued by past HIST 510 students, such as advocacy of refugees by members of Congress; how the press has presented a particular refugee group; refugee experiences in the United States; political activities of refugee groups, and so on. 

Contents will include the following types of primary and secondary sources to help you locate resources for your research paper: 

  • Databases for scholarly journal articles
  • Books for background information as well as a detailed understanding of a topic
    • Refer to the Books tab under "Secondary Sources" as well as the subject headings below on this Home page
  • Databases and specific newspapers for news articles
  • US Government agencies and specific documents
  • Relevant international agencies, NGOs, research institutions, and specific documents

Search the Catalog: Books, Articles, & Government Documents

This content is on the main page of your research guide as it will allow you to search for a multitude of sources using our catalog WorldCat Discovery, which can be located at the main library webpage. 

WorldCat Discovery contains books, scholarly journal articles, government publications, and more. This is a good place to start looking for books, which will help provide you with background information. As well, it's a good place to start off when you're searching for other sources as well, though you'll notice you will get many more results in WorldCat than you do with a database. That being said, as you progress, you might want to go directly to a database for scholarly journal articles. 

Search the following subject headings (these are classifications -- more detailed than keywords and essentially like searching a hashtag) to retrieve information relevant to Refugee Law & US Foreign Policy:

United States--Foreign Relations--Sources

Other relevant subject headings include: 

Africa - Foreign Relations - United States 

Asia - Foreign Relations - United States 

Europe - Foreign Relations - United States

Latin America - Foreign Relations - United States 

Middle East - Foreign Relations - United States 

Soviet Union - Foreign Relations - United States 


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Research Assistance

If you have any questions regarding how to use any of these research tools and help identifying relevant information for your paper, please do not hesitate to contact me at 852-0433 or