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Nelle Peterson (1906-1966) Christmas card collection: S

The Art Library’s Original Christmas Card collection began in 1967 when Margaret Bridwell purchased at auction 550 cards collected by Louisville artist Nelle Peterson. Most of the cards were made by local artists.

Sa - Sh

Saam, Margaret
Salisbury, Sarah
Samples, Jane
Sandoval, Arturo
Scherer, Kathy
Schildknecht, Ron
Schleicher, Lloyd
Schwartz, Barbara
Seekamp, Kaye
Seekamp, Warren
Seppa, Heikki
Settiner, Marian
Shahn, Ben
Shepherd, Cathy

Si - Spd

Siebner, Herbert
Silverman, Jerry
Smalley, Helen
Smith, Imelda
Smith, Isabel
Smith, Judy
Smith, Nancy Jordan
Smith, Rhonda
Snyder, Harold
Soard, Jon
Sokolik, Frank
Spain, G.J.
Spangenberg, Elsa

Spe - Sz

Speed, Mary Louise
Spence, Mrs. Mary Jane
Stagg, Bob and Stephanie
Stanberry, Norma
Staples, Hallie
Stavridi, Margaret
Stephens, Mary
Steinberg, Saul
Sternal, Thomas
Stock, Peggy
Stokes, Carl B.
Stoll, Kirby
Stotz, Sarah
Strater, Henry
Strickler, Florence and Woodrow

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