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Nelle Peterson (1906-1966) Christmas card collection: A

The Art Library’s Original Christmas Card collection began in 1967 when Margaret Bridwell purchased at auction 550 cards collected by Louisville artist Nelle Peterson. Most of the cards were made by local artists. In 2020, we added to the collection with

Aa - Ak

Ackerly, Spafford
Adams, Ansel
Adams, Clinton
Aboud, Vicki
Ahrens Trade School Students
Ainslie, Maude

Al - Am

Albert, Jacques and Sophie
Alexander, Dale
Alexander, Patricia
Allen, Arthur
Allen, Lorraine
Allmen, Dorothy
Ament, Cuba
Amodio, Pauline

An - Az

Anderson, Gudron
Anderson, Donald R.
Anderson, Linda
Andrews, Ed
Angelo, Mavine and Valenti
Art Guild Bindery
Ashdown, Mary and Jay
Aycovk, Maxine

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